GAMING : January Favourite and New Video

Good Evening everybody, 

Do you ever have one of those days when you start to over think everything and every one? 

I've had to try and calm my mind this afternoon, so this post will be on the short side. 

I just think that at certain points of the month I tend to question my life choices... nothing to be worried about. 

 I have some life goals that I really want to achieve, it's just working the path out to get there I suppose. 

I think alot of people my age go through this. 

Any ho, more on that later 

A new video went live on the gaming channel today. 

A play through of the Last Guardian..... I hope to film more, so I hope you enjoy! 

So in the last of the Favourites posts, we find ourselves with with gaming. 

I have questioned myself with how I was going to write this, as I already write separate gaming review posts. 

So I decided that I will feature just the one game that I have truly been enjoying rather than featuring a couple. 

Although I am juggling five games at the moment, I find myself drawn into one of my previous favourites. 


Never did I think that I would like this type of game. Basically its a MMO RPG, you go around playing quests and levelling up. 

There are monsters and problems to solve etc. 

Think World of Warcraft but not as refined. 

The game is free to download but there is alot of online purchases that you need to be careful to avoid as they will cost you alot.... you can afford anything if you save up the free currency.

It sounds really simple but it's easy to get addicted to....I think that I am at level 52 now..... 

One of the biggest downsides to me, is that each new area seems to follow the same pattern, talk to a guy and kill a certain amount of enemies (repeat three times) move on the next guy and repeat. 

Its fun to kill a few hours with.... or a few days....

Check out the footage above to get a feel for the game. 

I think that there is a story there, but I never listen to the people when they talk so its gone right over my head aha

So thats it for all the January Favourites. 

Thanks for reading 




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