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Good Morning everybodyyyyy, 

Thank you for all that read my little sad post yesterday. I wasn't sure how to deal with the situation so I thought that an open letter to the person involved was the best way to go. 

I'm literally the most awkward person in the world when it comes to feelings and trying to express my own. 

So I thought before I got into the main bulk of the post that I would mention that I have managed to actually stick to one of my new goals. I have started a new book, well I say new.

 I have read it six times already. It's one of my favourites..... The Catcher in the Rye.

It's a good companion on my lunches. A bit of escapism

So time for the main bulk of the post.... You'll know that one of my main loves is gaming and I was thinking for the longest time as to how to get gaming onto the blog. 

I started with the goals on the main channel and then with the gaming channel.

 I have always wanted to bring it on here, but it's difficult with gaming and the written word.

 So I have decided that when I finish a story mode on a game for the goals or in real life on the sly, I will write a little review as I do with beauty product empties.....

I thought it would be a neat and new feature for 2017! 

So my  first chosen game is that of Pokemon Sun and Moon  - More specifically Sun as that is the version that I personally had.

I am proud to say that I have played every single version of the Pokemon series (including Dungeon ,Card Game and Tekken) . I also have way too much merch.....

I was filled with excitement as the release day got closer and closer... although all the released previews of the classic pokemon with an island twist kinda put me off at first. 

 It took me a while to adjust to this as a feature of the game.... there were a couple that are pretty cool, and Ice Vulpix or a Surfing Rachiu.... Some were a little stupid... Google Golem and Exeggutor 

When I got the game, I have to admit that I also wasn't thrilled about the amount of A button mashing and the amount of clips. I'm very much a throw me in the deep end kind of gamer. 

Sadly, this theme continues through out the game..... you have to stick to a linear path and to the story ( certian areas are locked until certain parts are played) ... For some people this is fine... but for me I like to go to different areas , find special pokemon and train my team. 

The graphics however are outstanding and I love the island music that accompanies the journey.... the story is enough to keep your interest and there are a couple of twists and turns. I felt a little emotional at the end.

Trading and Battling with a friend is also easier, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the bottom screen and they connect 

My advice is that 

A) If you want a true challenge... turn EXP share off. I found it way too easy to get up to Level 60. 

B) Embrace the z Moves, they are pretty powerful  -not so sure about the little dance your person does at the start of them though ....

C) Don't go in thinking this game is like the one before it, it is unique to the pokemon series 

D ) Try and stay awake through all the chatting and cut scenes (there is important info in them ). The game is worth it in the end. 

Overall, the game is a nice little addition to the Pokemon Series, I think that I had too many high hopes that the game could not live up to. 

However, it did keep me entertained..... I'd give it a solid 8/10 

If you want to see some game play footage, you can check it out in the below video - warning it does contain spoilers.  

So thats it for this game. Please let me know if you enjoy reading game reviews.... as I love writing them... almost as much as I love playing the games 



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