LIFESTYLE AND YOUTUBE : New Blog Layout and New Channel Layout

Good Evening all, 

So a little short and sweet post to say that the transformation of the blog and Hideaway Blogging channel is complete. 

With the blog, I have gone back to a bright and colourful theme - to fight the grey of winter. 

I have given all the extra pages an update ( About me, awards and the two youtube pages) and made sure that everything is still relevant. 

I did question what to actually have on some of these pages... aha 

I have also tried to make things easier to read. 

You may notice that below the main title that I have now added gaming to the smaller title ;)

It's all official. 

As for Hideaway Blogging ( the channel) ....

I have reorganised my playlists and deleted a couple. 

I have made the front page a little but easier to navigate. 

I have made it all colourful and beautiful and added a new profile picture.

I'm still working on the best of video as it takes a long time to edit......

But at least everything is updated now for the new year. 

So until tomorrow....



Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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