LIFESTYLE : Here's to 2017!

Good Afternoon everybody, 

So it's my first post of 2017!!!!

It's still quite odd to me. 

I just created a 2017 playlist on both the channels and it still hasn't sunk in. 

(psssssttttt there is a new video on the channel here for you :)

What is nice however is that I feel so rested and ready to take on the new year and return to work and University work, Vlogging and Blogging. 

I have spent the day so far with the Gilmore Girls, editing two best of 2016 videos and also meal prepping some lovely lunch ready for the return to work. 

This weeks offering is Lemon and chilli sauce with Peppers and Pineapple with rice, sweetcorn and peas. 

I am also debuted my new lovely Griffindor top that I bought in a huge new year shop yesterday (more on that later ) 

So, as most people have probably done, I have been reflecting on the place that I find myself in at the moment and where I would like to go in this new one. 

As you might have already read - 2016 was a great year - but there is still room to grow. 

I normally set resolutions from July to July as thats my birth month... So I'll start with a little update on them 

1)  Read a book a fortnight. - Kinda failing at this -  I really need to up my game and start reading again....more on this later.

2) Travel, Travel TRAVEL! - Passing - Since setting this goal, I have been to London, Malta and booked myself to go to Corfu.....

3)  Cook more / eat more food at home. - Closer to a pass than a fail - As you can see above, I am making an effort in cooking and pre preparing food. In my new Vegan approach,  I've found that I have to cook alot of my food from the beginning as to ensure of no dairy inclusion. 

4 ) I need to relax - Passing - I think? A big way that I tried to ensure this was the creation of the monthly goals. By setting games as a target I ensure that I focus on them and switch off and away from the outside world. 

However - I still find myself getting wound up. One way that I have found that this is happening is Social Media.... Not in regards to the blog and channel but in regards to personal Social media. 

One new resolution is that I want to switch off as much as I can from Social media.... but don't worry you'll still get your updates from this blog ;)

I can fill my spare time with the books that I should be reading as above aha 

My second new resolution / goal is that I need to focus back on my Studying.  It's the last year before I hopefully  apply for a teaching course so its time to get serious! 

And finally, I have signed Luke and I back up for the Tough Mudder again.... This one is also in May and is the same distance..... 

I'm using this event as a way of motivating myself off the take aways and back into running!

So all my goals and resolutions all kinda link in with each other, which is rather useful. 

 It should be noted that I will not be setting any blogging or Youtubing goals as for me it is not about the figures, but the enjoyment! 

So first post is over and done with

Until the next one! 



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