LIFESTYLE : January Favourites

Helloooo everyone 

I cannot express how much I needed this weekend to come around. 

I don't know if it just January in general or the fact that we were treated to time off, but the last four days felt so so so evil. 

Anyway, I have had like an ultra productive morning.... I got Luke up and into Morrisons for 8am and got all the cupboards stocked. 

I also prepped my lunch for the week. This time I decided to go for Sweet and Sour and rice. I added a truck tonne of veggies. 

I plan to try and make a Vegan Bread and Butter pudding later as well mmmmm 

So, I thought that I would do my first set of Lifestyle favourites for the year. 

I should point out that I will be excluding Gaming favourites from this group.... I am keen to have separate Gaming Monthly Favourites!

Another new feature for 2017 ;) 

So we will start with....

My favourite Tv Show 

Without a doubt, I am now more than obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. Over the Christmas period I have been binge watching from the start. I find myself at the end of the second series now. 

My main frustration with the show is the fact that Luke and Lorelei aren't giving into their feelings. However there is still six seasons to go! 

My Favourite Film

In the past four weeks, I have watched ALOT of films. 

But I have to say that I have been reminded how much I love Kids films.

 Although I will deny it if asked. 

Two films that I love is How to Train your Dragon 1 and 2! 

I always say that Diego reminds me of Toothless (due to how he was as a kitten, his colour and his mannerisms) and it makes me rather emotional - the scene in which Hiccup first gains Toothless' trust by letting him sniff his hand always makes me cry. 

 The scene in which Toothless goes under the Alpha's control in the second film also makes me cry. 

I'm such an animal person and such a wimp.

And finally : 

My favourite Music 

I always find myself a little depressed at this time of year in terms of music. It's suddenly incorrect to listen to cheerful festive music. 

I have to say the release of Ed Sheeran's new song has broken this horrible mood. 

I cannot wait for the album.... the other two have very fond memories attached to them from my life. 

The first was the soundtrack to when Luke and I got together.... the second was the soundtrack of leaving my old job and going back to Uni 

So thats the Lifestyle favourites for January, check back later on for Beauty and Gaming favourites later in the month! 

Until then 




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