LIFESTYLE : The list of Happiness!

Hello everybody, 

So I mentioned earlier in the week that I was feeling a little bit down in myself... It was something that had built through out the week and there was alot of external pressures. 

However, after have a little chat with people with the right knowledge and other activities, I am feeling alot better. 

I didn't want this post to be me whinging on about what happened and how bad I felt.

Instead, I thought I would share the things that really helped me, just in case you also feel a little down too.....

Basically, I love a bit of organisation.... (see below picture of Uni notes for an example - in total there are eight for the same piece of work) 

So I thought that extending this idea to other aspects of my life might help me to keep my mind active and engaged - rather than thinking about bad thoughts. 

So here are my other three organisers : 

Red - Life stuff 
Blue - Uni Stuff
Green - Blog and Channel stuff 

In the back of the Red and the Blue books, I have written two lists. 

The first is a list of TV shows and the second is a list of Anime shows , which Luke and I will watch together . I have dubbed all these lists, the list of happiness! 

Also in the red book is two activites on each day : 

A Tv Show and a Game.... this isn't a plan in which YOU MUST STICK TO OR ELSE, but rather if I come home and I'm lost in my thoughts, its a suggestion to do instead of worrying. 

It sounds weird but just a little bit of organisation really helps to clear my mind. 

Another major thing that also helps at the moment is deleting social media off of my phone.... one by one apps are disappearing. I think sometimes, its only natural to surf through Facebook and Twitter and feel a little crap in comparison. 

Aside from using it for the blog, I am trying to slowly stop myself from looking at it, messenger has gone. Snapchat went a little while ago.  The only two I actually enjoy is Twitter and Instagram. 

I have also found that reading really calms me down also.... Still trying to get through catcher in the rye! 

Next, I am going to try and do some mind exercises...... Firstly, I am going to try and teach myself to meditate... It's been recommended to me several times but I never thought that I could truly switch my mind off long enough to do it.

Finally, encouraging some positive thoughts.... I think I can, I know I can.... sounds stupid but it has helped in the past couple of days to try and get myself ready again for work tomorrow. 

So if you are struggling at the moment maybe some the above might help? 

Heres to a better week! 




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