LIFESTYLE : This Week's Meal Prep Idea

Good evening everyone! 

Just thought that I would a quick post to share this week's meal prep. 

I wanted to try this one before I posted it as I was convinced that it was either something that would work really well or it really wouldn't. 

I am happy to report that the following recipe is really tasty and fairly healthy all the ingredients together comes to roughly 388 calories a bowl (according to my fitness pal) .

I introduce to you the sweet, sticky rice!

To make this you need - a bottle of Plum sauce, two bell peppers, four spring onions and two tins of sweetcorn for the rice

It doesn't look like much in the picture but the sauce keeps the rice nice and moist and really sweet. 

Be careful when heating the sauce as it can go quite syrupy (cook the peppers and spring onions seperately first)!

IF you want to check out my other three recipes then you can do so on this link

Thats it for now!



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