LIFESTYLE : Vegan Christmas and New Year

Hello Everyone, 

I hope that if you have returned to your jobs today, that the day has been kind to you. 

I personally, wasn't dreading the return to work as much as I thought I'd might.

I think that I secretly missed having a routine in place.

 Especially as meal times are at a set time - I am rubbish  with eating when I am by myself. 

My Rice went down a treat today mmmmmmm

However  the main bulk of this post is actually to talk about food so that was a nice little way into it. 

So if you read the blog often, you will know that I am a Vegan and I try as much as I can to stick to it. (I am Vege by choice but not Vegan (I have dairy allergies) 

Christmas was a scary time for me, planning wise.  

I had no idea what I could eat for Christmas dinner, I had no idea what puddings I could have and I had no idea what snacks I could have. 

I felt really overwhelmed. It's kinda how I feel at the moment as I try to adjust my new Vegan diet into a training plan for Tough Mudder. 

I still feel rather overwhelmed when it comes to eating out with others at the moment as I feel as soon as you drop the Vegan bomb... people make some assumptions about you.

I ended up eating lovely Vege Sausages and Mountains of Vegetables for my Christmas dinner - I felt relaxed that I could eat it at home 

You've also already seen my Christmas Cakes and Mince Pies. 

The reason for this post is thus - Basically, I did say I would follow up with you all. But it was also for another reason, 

Today someone said that they wanted to go dairy free as I had inspired them.... and that was the only reason. 

It put me in a bit of a bad mood because, for me its not a diet, its not a fad.... its a real illness that I have. 

You should only make a change in your diet if its for you. Not to copy someone else. 

 It's not all 'glam' and to be part of the vegan hype. 

They say that imitation is the nicest form of flattery. 

But food is serious.

Please reconsider 



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