BEAUTY: February Favourites and Empties

Hello Everyone, 

So as I sit here writing this, I am singing along to Disney songs very loudly with Luke. Its weird how a certain type of music can make you feel warm and connected.

 I have to say Apple Music is brilliant for having access to pretty much every song you can think of. 

It's quite a weird juxtaposition as Luke is also playing the Last of Us in the same room, kinda takes the edge off I guess. 

Speaking of Disney impressions, Boots did a little one of his own. He's telling us all the be prepared for the death of the King (Lion king). He loves to sit on the very top of the kitchen cupboards, knowing that I cannot get him down as I am fairly short :/! 

I thought that I would just quickly add that I have now tried the Sour Cherry and Pink Lemonade teas from yesterday's post and I can confirm that they are extremely tasty! 

I'll be honest, the reason behind the surge in tea consumption has come from a desire to try to, once and for all, limit my intake of fizzy drinks. I can feel that my teeth are starting to ache because of it. 

I'm normally fine during the week as I drink a large amount of water at my desk but at the weekend I'm really bad. So with much determination, I am attempting to just retrain my brain, I guess is the easiest way of saying it. 

So on to my Beauty favourites for the month! 

As the weather has been particularly horrible , these are gonna be mainly preventative products. 

My first favourite is this Cherry and Macadamia Nut Body Butter from Superdrug. 

I carry this around in my handbag and it is my go to at work to stop my hands from going dry ( the AC and heating are brutal for the skin). 

The smell is amazing... think Cherry cake alot of people have commented on it. 

One of the major pros is that Superdrug are affordable and they do not test on animals. I believe a big tub like this is only a couple of pound... and it lasts for a very long time .

My next favourite is for the hair. This is a deep treatment that I have used for years on my hair and I swear by. 

I use it once a week, normally in the bath, after cleaning my hair. I just pop it on and let it sit for  five to ten minutes. 

When its washed off, not only does my hair smell incredible, its super soft and feels like its had some life injected back into it. 

I feel as though winter zaps my hair, so this is a great way to fight back. 

You can normally pick this product up in a 3 for 2 Aussie deal, so if you don't like it, its works out alot cheaper! 

My last Favourite is the 9 to 5 Cleasning Lotion by Lush 

I now swear by it, I can use it in the morning or at night to take my makeup off and it does an amazing job. 

It leaves my face feeling fresh and awake, I normally follow up with Skindrink (also pictured below) so my face is clean and soft and ready to face the cold weather. 

The only down side to Lush is the price / the size of the product. 

But as I wear my skin everyday, to me its worth it. 

Time to move on to the empties. 

So I am always sad to run out of this first product. 

The Snow Fairy Range at Lush is something I look forward to, its one of the things that says... Christmas is coming.

I decided to buy a massive bottle of this before the end of the year so you won't be able to get this until December. 

I love the smell of it, it smells of sweets and brings back some childhood memories.  Luke actually became a fan of this and the matching bubble wand, so it does appeal to both genders. 

Definitely a repurchase when the time comes.....

The final empties are a couple of shampoos from the Aussie Range. I am a person that tends to go between several brands, depending on prices. 

Aussie is a brand that I have used since I was a teenage and I love it mainly for the smell and that my hair is always super soft. 

I do feel as though, after a while my hair adapts and the effects stop... in short it becomes lifeless and greasy looking. 

However the two below are great and do the job well. I think its just because my hair seems to be a bit fussy. 

So thats it for February, I want to do some more beauty posts in the future as I feel as though its been neglected a little. 

So watch this space! 



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