LIFESTYLE: A Healthy 2017!

Good Evening Everybody! 

I was inspired by the Lovely people at Lessa ( You can check them out here  ) to write a post about maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle. 

What I loved is that the brief was do it outside of the gym and the kitchen. 

As you know, I am a strong believer that a healthy mind helps to keep the rest of you in sync. 

So I thought I'd talk about a few ways in which I try to keep myself in tune. 

First, I try to maintain a healthy night routine, I try to plan everything that I want to do in a night so that I don't over do / nothing gets left out. 

This way I feel as though I have achieved something and that I haven't wasted a night. 

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I have a thing called a list of happiness.... A list of daily games and Tv shows to help me unwind....

Mind sorted, I also like to take care of my skin.... I have to nag myself to take off my makeup, but my skin feels so much better when I have done it....

My go to Lip product is this lovely natural lip balm

And the 9 to 5 cleaning lotion and Skin drink moisturiser pictured below :

Mind and skin sorted.... I like to ensure I have the most comfy Pjs on and I lose myself in a book and a good night sleep. 

 I think it is very important to disengage for at least an hour.  I also try an exercise to just focus on my breathing and clearing my head of negativity.... I guess its meditating in a way. 

I have learnt recently how important my 8 hours of sleep are.... I've started to get horrible migraines of late. 

I think in pursuing a diet and excerise regime, its easy to forgot to take care of your head. 

Winning that is half the battle. 

One more tip of mine.... try to avoid scrolling late at night.... I myself have deleted the Facebook App and signed out of it on my mobile browser, gone also is Snapchat.  Not only is Social Media a depressant, it can stop you from sleeping..... just one more scroll just one more video.... Social media is making us just the opposite unsocial.....

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all very soon 

Thanks for reading..... 



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