GAMING and LIFESTYLE : Jan Goal Results and February Goals

Hello everybody, 

I'm not gonna lie, it felt as though January really dragged, it was the longest 31 days of my life. 

But Feb is here now, the month that I can never pronounce, and its time to talk about goals. 

Basically for Jan I set the following goals : 

1) I want to complete the story on the Last Guardian.... 

2) I want to complete the three main worlds on Little Big Planet 3 

3) - I want to Try to get as close to 100 % as I can on Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens. 

4) I want to complete all four new career paths on the Sims 4 Lets Get to Work. 

5) I want to complete the 8 main worlds in Mario 3d World on the Wii U with Luke 

Sadly, January wasn't the best on for me in terms of health so I haven't completed all of them. But as I put alot of time and effort into each game, I still wanna get to the finish line.  

Therefore I have decided the following: 

I will still try and complete these in February  & I will be setting four more goals (so nine in total). I am up for the challenge as I know I can do this. Plus it keeps me off the streets and stops me spending money ahaha. 

The new goals are thus : 

1) I  want to Clear our cellar - its been something that we have needed to do since we moved in and it feels as though it time to get cracking 

2 ) I want to fisnih off our hallway - it needs painting, the skirting boards need doing and I want to get a nice mat and some pictures put up. 

3 ) I want to beat all the stories on Harry Potter Lego 1-7 - I was overjoyed when it was remastered for the Playstation. This is one  that I can play with Luke as well so its fun to bond. 

4 ) Final goal - I want to complete the story on Rayman 3d on the Nintendo DS. Its a game that I can play at work and I love the Rayman games. 

So a big month ahead, but a fun one,

I'll let you know how it all goes. 



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