GAMING : My February Favourites

Hello everybody and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

I hope that no matter what you are doing, or who you are with that you have a great day. 

Remember that you are loved and if you are alone this year, that won't always be the case....

I came home to a early surprise yesterday after work... 

I had these beautiful tulips and some sweets waiting for me.... 

Tonight we plan to eat a takeaway and play ALOT of video games together... We aren't one for big displays of affection and going out too much.

It's perfect for us to sit on the sofa and snuggle after work.... 

That brings me to the topic of this post.... 

My gaming favourites for February.....

I have two this month, The Last Guardian and The remastered Lego Harry Potter Collection. 

I am addicted to both at the moment. 

I'll start with Harry Potter. 

I had the original version on the Xbox 360 and I loved being thrown into the colourful world of Lego. I love the adult humour and all the hidden extras that the games always have in them. 

To be a wizard and explore Hogwarts is something that reminds me so much of my childhood so its a game that no matter how old I am, I'm gonna enjoy it. 

Luke and I are currently playing this together, since we completed Mario 3D world (Goal spoilers! ) and I love the banter that its creates.

There will be some footage in the Goals video at the end of the month for you to enjoy. 

So the second game that I have chosen to feature is the Last Guardian. 

I love, love, love this game... the themes in it are so simple... Trust, kindness ,honesty and a love for animals. 

I'm close to the end now and I'm going to be gutted when my adventure with Trico comes to an end. 

The game has beautiful graphics, the only downsides are the camera angles and that Trico can be a little stubborn. 

I will write more when I finish the game but you can see my latest game play so far below: 

So thats it for now, I will finish with Beauty Favourites later in the month.... 

Thanks for reading 



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stephanie said…
How pretty are those! :) love tulips!
Becky Russell said…
I know right 😍 I came in and they were just waiting for me like that on the table

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