GAMING : The Rise Of The Tomb Raider Review

Hello everyone! 

So in looking over the draft posts from the past month and I realised that I had forgotten one gaming review from December's monthly goals!

It odd because it is one that I spent a year waiting for.... I waited an extra year because I wanted to play it on it's original console, the mighty Playstation 4 ( would have been so much easier to get it on the Xbox.....) 

I have always been in love with Lara Croft and her many adventures, so I'll admit that I was skeptical when the reboot game came out and also for this sequel - The Rise of the Tomb Raider. 

The idea of hunting and crafting weapons to me felt like an element that belonged to games such as Fallout and not TR. 

My first impressions were such.... the graphics are beautiful and I liked that the controls were the same from the first game, so I knew how to find my way around the controller from the get go. The idea that you had Survival instincts were brilliant as I got lost ALOT up until its introduction. 

 There was a load of cinematic at the start , which I'll admit lost me for a bit... I'm very much a dive right in gamer... this does continue throughout the game but I'll admit I kinda switched off to them. 

At the start of this game, we find ourselves trying to Clear Lord Croft's (Lara's Father's name) by continuing his research.  I thought that it echoed the Uncharted Franchise just a tad, but then again they are very similar games in alot of respects.

Although it beats searching for Lara's Mum all the time ( her fate in my opinion was really not worth all the hassle (I'm looking at you Underworld, Anniversary and Legend) . 

The story is engaging and the twists and turns keep coming, I don't want to spoil it so I will keep mum on them.... but there was one that made me want to throw the controller.... (it features in the monthly goal video... So I'll leave it here....) 

One thing that is clear is that I love the dark edgy Lara, that isn't afraid to say a swearword and also one whom you see hurt. I do think its good when you can see your character's vulnerability.... it makes them more relatable....

The story is full of gun fights and not so many puzzles, which was disappointing to me and made me prefer Uncharted 4 (sorry to keep comparing them but it seems natural). 

When I think of Tomb raider I don't think of being a silent killer with a bow, I think of a straight out fight with Mummies and a shotgun and dual pistols..... 

All in all though, I liked the game. I have to admit I found parts of it incredibly annoying and ended up throwing Lara off of cliffs and what not.... but it did keep me gripped. 

I'll admit I still have the various DLCs to play. 

When I get round to them, I shall post a little follow up on here: 

I include a video from the gaming channel so you can see some of it in action! 

Thank for reading! 


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