LIFESTYLE : A little catch up

Hello Everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post about the last couple of days and what not. 

I think its nice to have a little catch up, every now and again. I think that I enjoy writing these posts sometimes more than the reviews. 

Diego was feeling a little cheeky earlier. I think he enjoyed his fish dinner 

Meal Prep

So the first thing that I thought I would mention is my meal prep indeed for the week. 

So I thought that I would move away from Chinese Rice and Noodle dishes and venture into Italian.

I had alot of vegetables to use up in the fridge (tomato, onion and carrot)  so I bunged all these together with some bolognese sauce and some pasta shells.

 I've started to make enough for Luke's lunches as well, as I think that I have converted him to the meal prep ways.... either that or he can't be bothered to make it himself anymore. 

Simple but very yummy! 

Weight Loss 

Speaking of food, I placed an image on my Instagram that created a bit of buzz. It was this one :

Basically, I have been tracking my weight since January 7th and this is how much weight has come off me since then. 

Losing weight is not my intention, but I have found that in switching to a Vegan diet, naturally my food is alot healthier . 

I've gone from struggling to keep within 2000 calories to struggling to eat over 1000. 

Trust me, I still eat really well. 

I feel alot healthier and I've got alot more energy.  I think when I say that I've cut alot of calories and lost this amount of weight, that I worry people. 

Don't worry, if my tracker says I haven't eaten a healthy amount, I make myself eat more! 

My latest mission is to try and get of my dependancy of fizzy drinks, as I feel as though I don't drink enough water. 


So something strange happened to me last night. 

I went to post the above picture on instagram last night and I noticed that my account had been logged out. 

Lucky for me, my Facebook is linked to my account so I got straight back in very easily. Had this not of been the case, I think the following story would be very different. 

When I logged in, I was greeted by the below 

Be aware of this email address guys! 

Someone had hacked my account, changed the name, deleted my bio, changed my email and took away my gender. 

It was very obvious who this person was as my account suddenly followed a random russian kid that had 25,000 random followers all with odd names like mine. 

Luckily for me, it didn't take long to get my account back so this is just a cautionary tale. 

That being said I have since checked every social media account I have for strange activity and I hope nothing weird went out from my account. 

To say I was a little angry is an understatement... my main fear is that they would hack this blog. I would be very upset if that happened, as this is my little corner of the internet! 

Videos and Uni 

I thought that I would also mention that I have a big presentation at University on Monday, so I may not be putting as many blog posts / videos out this week as I prepare. 

To say I'm nervous is an understatement! 

However, I am still working on my goals and when they are done, I'll have an extra long video for you all ;) 

So I thought that might clear a few things up! 

I will be back later in the week, I hope 



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