LIFESTYLE : Some British Winter Survival Items

Hello everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post about my favourite Winter Survival items.... I did one for Autumn and it was very popular. 

For those that don't live in Britain, it should be explained that we as a country do not do well when the temperature drops below zero.... when I first thought of this post on Friday, we actually had snow. 

Snow brings everything to a stop, just a light dusting is enough.... 

So I thought I'd take you through a few of my tips...

First is home cooked food..... 

I love cooking and I thought that I would sneak this week's meal prep into the post. This week I decided to go for noodles to break the rice mould.

I included chow mein sauce and lots of stir fry vegetables...

Luke and I have started having gaming days and stocking up on random foods to feast on 

I also have about 15 boxes of tea in the cupboard and these are some of my favourite flavours. 

They include

Blueberry and Raspberry 
Pear and Caramel 
Strawberry Cupcake 
Lemon pie 
Apple and Cinnamon 
& Blackcurrant

There is nothing like coming home to a lovely fruity tea ( I do like normal tea but I don't drink it as often as most people as I don't have milk in it (I also do not have hot chocolate for the same reason))

My Next topic is of course gaming.....

I spend alot of time and money on games. 

I love the escapism and the feeling of accomplishment of completing a story and getting achievements. 

I love coming in on a cold day, climbing under a blanket and joining another world and forgetting about the day I've just had. 

I wrote yesterday about my favourite games for the month

Next is home touches 

I find that if your home is comfy, you forget all about the world outside. 

I love lighting candles and setting the mood..... shutting the curtains and just chilling out. I find that my job is stressing me out at the moment so I try and forget that at the door. 

I up cycled this little basket to hold all my melts and candles in (it sits next to the fireplace).

Set the mood and set the tone of the evening 

Finally,  Reading is a lovely way to chill out in the winter 

I used to always have my head in a book when I was younger and for some reason I kinda stopped. 

I've made an effort to try and make myself get back into reading. 

I have worked out that I am very much a classics reader and that I don't really like modern novels.

I think in knowing that, I know which books on my shelf are gonna draw me in and what ones won't.

I really want to get the entire Sherlock Holmes collection next..... 

So these were just a few seasonal thoughts. 

Obviously there are a few more things that I love but these are the best ones aha. 

Thanks for reading 



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