LIFESTYLE : Tumblr and University

Hi Guys, 

So I thought that I would just write a little post to fill the void and to explain whats going on. 

So basically, I have just come back after completing a University presentation. 

The Preparation for this has taken alot of time of the past couple of weeks so videos and posts have been less regular.

  I have also fallen behind with my monthly goals, so I have decided to give my self an extra week to replace the time. 

I have to admit that I was very nervous today and I couldn't stop shaking, but I got through it!  I found trying to live in the moment and not worry about every little problem really helped..... 

I have found though in the mean time, that in order to update a little, that the blogs tumblr page does the trick. So please check out that as well in the future!  I have a slight obsession with Sherlock Gifs and just Sherlock in general.......

Post will start back as of Wednesday and I'm hoping to upload another Pokemon Go video tomorrow to the gaming channel. 

Until then my loves 



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