BEAUTY : March Empties and Favourites

Good Evening everyone! 

It's time for the final favourites post of March. 

I know that I don't do enough beauty posts, and its something that I am working on! 

(June is going to be very Beauty focused - but more on that closer to the time! )

So I will start with the empties. 

I try to save as much as I can each month. 

However I am very aware that the stuff can start to get a but samey.

I use the same shower gel over a couple of months and the same brand of shampoo for example. 

So I am trying to keep things exciting ahaha

(I still have a major backlog of stuff that I am trying to get through before I go buying aload more (I have a slight hoarding problem))

I'll start with Perfumes/ scents. 

I have come to the end of two scents. 

Firstly, the Ted Baker Eau De Toilette. I was given this as a gift for my last birthday and I LOVE IT. 

I need to repurchase it to be honest. 

It has a light musk that can be worn either in the day or in the evening. 

I wore it mainly to work.  The bottle was hard to photograph as it is a pretty little triangular bottle.  

Perfect size for the handbag. 

The second scent is Let's spritz Body Mist by Zoella Beauty

I have already said how much I love this product so I'm not gonna write too much but I have repurchased it. 

It's the perfect scent for the summer and not too heavy. 

It's price makes it really good value for money. 

Next is the mascaras and eyeliner. 

(I currently have six separate eyeliners to go through and endless mascaras - so expect to see alot of these!) 

The featured mascaras are 

Purple tube - Thats How I Roll - Barry M 
Black Tube - Volume Glamour Ultra Black - Bourjois Paris 


Liner Feutre - Bourjois Paris
Scandal Eyes - Rimmel 

Starting with mascaras, I was a fan of the Barry M, but not of the Bourjois and this was from the product down to the packaging. 

The Bourjois seemed to be of cheaper quality..... it clumped alot and the brush got filled very quickly. 

The Barry M however, lasted alot longer and I noticed its effects for longer. I will definitely be repurchasing this as not only is it cheap, it seems to really work with my heavy lashes. I won't be buying Bourjois' any time soon. 

Eyeliner, is something that I cannot live without and I am incredibly picky. 

I love the design of the Rimmel one as its like a felt tip... however it is very fragile. I had a slight chip in this one and it was like running a blade over my eye lid... as long as you take care of it... your eyeliner will be perfect. 

Bourjois on the other hand was a softer free brush, it however like the other, broke.

(I must keep dropping them or something)

However prior to this, it was a nifty little find and I would happliy repurchase. Its great for beginners to liquid eyeliner... easy to apply and easy to remove 

Finally, time for the Favourites 

As you can see I loved a couple of the empties so those were favourites too

However for something different....

This little beauty is the 955 Craving Coral Matte lipstick by Maybeline New York.

You can't really tell, but the reason that I picked it was because of the orange tone that is mixed in with the red. 

I have been wearing this every day, it's my go to for work. 
A nice little pop of colour for the office. 

To get an idea of the colour, here is me rocking it (no filters, just lighting) 

My final favourite is that of a beauty tool I suppose. 

I decided to take the risk and buy a makeup sponge from Superdrug's own range

I have been using it with Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (I have alot to use up) and I find that it uses less, but spreads evenly on my face. 

I think its helping for my face to clear up and its SOOOO soft. 

I think I'll be investing in more in the future. 

I still have my brushes, but I think this is going to become a permanent staple. 

So thats it for March, as I said I want to try and keep things as diverse as possible! 

Thanks for reading 



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