CHARITY : Tough Mudder '17 & SBABC

Hello everybody 

So, I have been meaning to write this post for a little while, but today seemed the most appropriate choice. 

If you know me personally, or you have been following my blog for a while, then you will know that in the summer of last year, I supported Strike Back against Blood Cancer a few times.

It started with a walk from Hastings to Canterbury (ending at the cathedral, whilst churches rang across the land and also internationally, with the attempt to raise money for those people diagnosed with Leukaemia and the other numerous forms of Blood cancer.  

What is 'unique' about these efforts to raise money, is that it is all to do with the ringing of Church Bells. 

After this event, I also attended charity rings around the country with my Mother Julie, as the fundraising continued. 

Since the summer, the movement has gone on to raise Seven Million Pounds in donations. 

Such a huge amount and this money goes directly to those patients that need funding for a second stem cell transplant - you can read more about it on a previous blog post here

I am proud to be involved with such a charity, as its a fantastic cause, but even more so, because the driving force behind it... is my own mother. 

She's been all over the telly, radio, in the papers and all over social media. I could not be more proud of her, because despite all the hard work that she puts in, she is terminally ill with various forms of cancer.... and she hasn't slowed down! I do worry about her because I think she does a little too much sometimes, but I can't exactly tell her off. 

She is doing alot of good and meeting those that need her help. 

If you want to know her backstory, you can read more about it, in this interview she did for the Telegraph on this link here

You can check out the Charity's website on this link here

As I mentioned, today is apt to update you all, as my Mother is currently at Westminster Abbey (you know, the famous one that the queen uses), to have her special method rang.... so that London can hear it. 

Due to the work that she has put in, she had a bell ringing method permanently named after her... so she can be honoured and remembered. 

It's being filmed for the BBC.

When the programme airs, I shall share it on here! 

I try to help where I can, but the charity is based on the south coast and sadly I am in the middle of England. 

However, in May and September. I am due to run the Tough Mudder again, and Luke and I thought that it would be awesome to try and help to add to the money already raised. 

I had such fun doing it before so why not highlight this fantastic cause as well.....

I'll post on here as I did before about progress and before and after the race. If you wanted to make a donation to this cause then please do on this link here and follow the links to the donations page

All money raised, goes directly to those suffering to find their second chance at life.

Thank you for reading, this is a cause very close to my heart and I've tried not to ramble. 

You can always look back over my summer posts to find a little more info! 



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