So following up on yesterday I have finally decided on the rebooted goals! 

They are the following : 

1) To Finish the Last Guardian Story - Rollover from Jan. 

I am very very close to finishing this goal. I'm like a level away! I am still filming it for the Playthro

2)  To clear the Garden 

We need to smarten the garden up so that we can start planting and buying garden furniture! 

3)  To finish the Harry Potter Book Series - Rollover from March 

I am currently half way through the Order of the Phoenix so I am hoping that I can get through to the end of the deathly Hallows in a month :)

4)  To 100% / Get platinum on Lego Avengers 

 I have two trophies and NOW I WANT MORE. So this is the next Leo target of mine haha, the story is already complete so hopefully this won't take too long 

5)  I need to get back into my Uni work 

If I put it in the Goals then I am more likely to do it! I'm not sure how to measure this goal. But I need to get back into the swing of things! 


6) Because number one is already very close.  I have decided to have another gaming goal. I want to get to the end of the main story on Horizon Zero Dawn . 

So, they are hopefully a little bit more manageable. We'll see! 

Thanks for reading 



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