LIFESTYLE : Jan - March Goal results

Good Evening everyone! 

Its the end of another month and time to review the goals as I said I would in a previous post. 

You can watch here for a little update: 

As I said before, any goal that is not complete, it will be added to a coming month... as I still really want to achieve them. 

January's Goals : 

1) I want to complete the story on the Last Guardian.... 

I got really close to the end, but fell at the last hurdle. Although I really wanted to keep playing, it got a little complicated with filming the walkthrough for Hideaway Gaming. Very time consuming, this will soon be sorted! 

Here is the latest part : 

2) I want to complete the three main worlds on Little Big Planet 3 

I only got through a third of it. Its a shame because I used to be in love with this game, but the rushing in Jan made it seem like a hinderance. Hopefully a fresh perspective can change this in one of the coming months 

3) - I want to Try to get as close to 100 % as I can on Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens. 

I got to 60%, now I know the goal was to only try to get to as close to the goal as possible - I still want to go back and try for a 100 at a later date! 

4) I want to complete all four new career paths on the Sims 4 Lets Get to Work. 

I managed to make a family, from scratch, and worked the honest way to buy them a shop and also to have three children with the new careers. Sadly I ran out of time, but I will go back and finish what I started!

5) I want to complete the 8 main worlds in Mario 3d World on the Wii U with Luke 

Luke and I completed this goal pretty quickly between us.  It was fun to have a goal to work together towards. I have to say the game was a bit of a killer towards the end due to difficulty. I loved it though. 

February Goals 

1) I  want to Clear our cellar 

Luke and I completed this together. The only stuff that is left is furniture that we want to donate to a good cause.

2 ) I want to finish off our hallway -

This too is also complete, I have to admit that Luke did alot of the leg work. But the Hallway has had a fresh lick of paint, the floors have been properly scrubbed, new pictures and new mats have been added too :)

3 ) I want to beat all the stories on Harry Potter Lego 1-7 - 

I fell in love with this game all over again so I found this goal easy. 

I didn't realise at the time that I set this, that this was actually two games in one. 

4 ) FI want to complete the story on Rayman 3d on the Nintendo DS. 

I really struggled with this one on the flip side. I find 3d hard on my eyes, and I was trying to rush this goal without my new glasses. So hopefully with a little more time, I can get into it 

March Goals :

1) I want to Finish reading the Original Harry Potter Books. 

I have rolled this over to April, because I forgot how long the books are. I am currently on the Order of the Phoenix and I love getting properly into the magical world. 

I alway forget how much is cut out of the movies and missed. 

So its nice to relive it all again. 

2) I want to start running at least four times a week.

Currently, I am completing this goal. But this was always going to be one that would be hard to measure. 

I am trying to work out the best training schedule for my body but it seems to be going ok. 

Just gotta work on pace and not knackering myself too early.

3) I want to get all 16 badges in Pokemon Heartgold. 

I got to five. I wish I had worked harder. But I only picked the game up on the 24th haha. I will be setting this in May to complete 

4) I want to try and get as close to 100% on Lego Harry Potter (1-4) & (5-7) as possible.

Completed, and I have the lovely platinum trophies to prove it. In fact, its given me a taste of completing all the Lego games that I have in my collection. 

Watch this space. 

So thats it for now. 

There will be two videos going up over the weekend to accompany this post :)

Thanks for reading 



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