LIFESTYLE : March Favourites

Hello Everyone! 

So another weekend has been and gone. 

I think that I have only just got over the ache of the volunteer work that I did haha. 

It was good fun though and I'll be looking to go back in the future. 

So far this weekend, I have blitzed certain rooms in the flat. I just have the bathroom to go! 

Spring cleaning is fully in swing. 

I hung the washing outside for the first time this year. Nervous doesn't cover how I feel watching the dark clouds in the sky.  British weather problems innit. 

I practised my flower arranging skills yesterday, I bought a bouquet of Orange roses and I really wanted some tulips so I thought some purple ones would create a quirky little pop of colour. 

Fresh flowers are my little addiction for the flat. 

Speaking, of which its time to reveal my other lifestyle favourites for the month :

My Favourite TV show

It's back, It's my guilty pleasure and its back! 

Hells Kitchen! 

(if you read the blog alot, you'll know that cooking shows are my foveae!) 

I love Hells kitchen as its the US version, and it tends to be hyped up alot. 

 Gordon Ramsey is my a favourite of mine and I have to say I enjoy watching his freakouts.

 I also do watch it for the food and little tips on how to improve my dishes. 

 I have included the best freak outs below : 

My Favourite Film(s)

So I struggled to pick just one.... basically, I have been trying to get through alot of recorded films that are on my Tv Box. 

I recorded alot of Chick flicks over the summer. 

Two of which are my absolute favourites.... 

First, Down with Love.... 

This film is amazing, it stars Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

 The film is about an author that writes a book empowering women to be more that just wives and mothers. 

 Set in the 1960s, its bright and colourful and just hilarious. 

Made me fall in love with Ewan all over again 

It's well worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon. 

Second film is P.S I Love You.

I cry every single time I watch it. It's a heartbreaking but beautiful film. 

If you haven't seen it before, the premise is this..... It's about a young couple in their 20's... but the Husband dies suddenly, leaving the wife as a shut in. 

However, the Husband had a little time to plan for his death so he sends letters to help her get her life together and move on. 

I love Gerard Butler in this film, however he is the one that dies haha. 

This film always makes me think about my own relationship and how its important to value your relationship and cherish the other person.... or as the movie says.... tomorrow it could all be gone. 

I love the soundtrack and music score of this film..... just breaks my heart everytime. 

And finally 

My Favourite music is shock.... Ed Sheeran

But not just his new Album, I have found myself going back to his original EPs and first two Albums. 

Its weird to listen to songs like Homeless and Sofa and compare them to Shape of you and Galway Girl. 

He's come along way, I first remember hearing about him after one of pub gigs in London. 

My absolute favourite however is not on one of the above, its a soundtrack song for The Fault in our Stars: 

All of the Stars: 

It's lovely to watch an artist grow through the years and get the recognition they deserve. 

So thats it for Lifestyle.... Beauty will follow next week. 

To see the Month's gaming favourite then please go to this post and the start of the March Reads series is here

Thanks for reading 



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