LIFESTYLE : March Goals

Hello Everyone, 

March is here and so is Spring. 

I am loving the fact that when I go to and come home from work, that it is still light outside.

 I think also think that Spring is a natural mood booster. 

So with a new month comes a new set of Goals. I should say that I gave myself extra time to finish Febs due to University. 

So the new goals are as follows:

1) I want to Finish reading the Original Harry Potter Books. 

I am loving my books at the moment so I thought I'd set myself a little Challenge. I am reading from the Goblet of Fire onwards so I hope to be able to move on to a new book series by the end of the month 

2) I want to start running at least four times a week.

I am due to complete Tough Mudder in May so I need to get back on this. My diet is there, I just need to get my flow back 

3) I want to get all 16 badges in Pokemon Heartgold. 

This is the only Pokemon game in which you can go backwards.... also with the release of the new Pokemon Go update, its made me want to go back to Johto.

(a new video went live on the gaming channel btw) 

4) I want to try and get as close to 100% on Lego Harry Potter (1-4) & (5-7) as possible.

I recently completed the story as part of the Feb goals and I really want to unlock everything I can 

So those are my goals....

Watch this space to see how I do! 

Thanks for reading 



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