LIFESTYLE : March Reads (Part one)

Hello everybody, 

It's time to update you with what I've been reading so far this month. 

So as you may or may not know, one of my March goals is to complete the Original Harry Potter book series. 

I have just finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

(you can read my review of The Prisioner of Azkaban here ) 

Because I know that these books are well loved and the stories well known, as I did before I am going to bullet point some of my favourite parts : 

§ Dobby Working at Hogwarts and his acquiring of new clothes! 

§ The Yule ball 

§ Mr Black's return and support of Harry 

§  Hagrid and his love life

What I have noticed in that alot of my favourite moments are book exclusives or are only briefly touched upon in the film.

To be honest,  I forgot how much of this amazing tale got cut for the film. 

Had I not read the book then I wouldn't have know that Dobby returned with House Elf Winky.... That there was alot more to Victor Krum then met the eye... and that Snuffles was hanging out in Hogsmeade and Dumbldore was in on it! 

I've alway said that the fourth film is my favourite and the third book is my favourite.

However, in rereading these books, I've realised how much more there is to discover overall. 

Time to start the Order of the Phoenix... loads of reading to get through before March 31st! 

Thanks for Reading 


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Kate Rose xo said…
You've read some great books recently! I need to start reading some more this month. X


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