TRAVEL : London and Illness

Hello lovely people, 

Unfortunately I have caught a little bug and am feeling a little fevery. 

I have spent the day resting and snacking. For some reason, I am really hungry..... 

But I thought that I would share some pictures from my trip from London yesterday! 

I went with my Mum and we got to go to the Tower of London. 

As a History Student it is somewhere that I had always had on my list but had never gotten round to.

 I have to say I felt a little emotional when I was told that I was in the same room as Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard and the tragic Lady Jane Grey.  

You spend years learning the dates and the names and the stories... but to be exactly where it happened is something else. 

I'm very much a hands on historian and I like to see objects and places... it feels real. 

I also got to see the crown jewels... i immediately felt as though I was staring at objects that are more expensive than all the money that I will ever earn in my entire lifetime. 

I sat on a bench, right in the middle of the grounds by myself and just took it all in. 

I imagined all the people that passed through it and all the Royals that had visited and was just in awe of the place. 

It was a great day and we ended up walking about 13 Km so I ache a little (aside from the illness) from all the exercise ahah.  I also navigated the Underground and the Train by myself again.... this time without any strike of Anxiety.

Instead I was confident, so much so that I kept getting stopped and asked if I was a Londoner and for directions etc. 

Little old Northamptoner me. 

I said to Luke when I got back, that when the time came to move into a home of our own... I could easily see myself living in London. 

But thats a tale for another day 

There will be a video on the main channel (this will follow tomorrow night). 

My look for the day : A Primark collared dress. 

Makeup includes : Maybeline matte mousse Foundation, Rimmel precision eyeliner. Barry up roller mascara and Maybeline lipstick 

A Dragon made from armour in the tower 

A little Birdy sculpture, made after the artist was inspired by the Tower 

I got joined by one of the Tower Ravens as I sat on a bench. 

Tower Bridge.....

A Lovely park opposite the Tower

Thanks for reading 



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