BEAUTY : Favourite Beauty Storage!

Hi Guys, 

So busy , busy day. 

I have baked a cake... a practise for Easter. 

It's completely Vegan, a little on the rich side, but I think there is plenty of time to change it up! 

I also have recently set myself up a little makeshift office in the kitchen, I need to get serious about keeping on top of my filming and posting schedule... as well as my University work.

 Time is going too fast and I don't want to be left in a panicked state around September time! 

So this is a post that I planned to write ages ago, but for some reason I forgot all about it. 

I thought that I would talk about some of my favourite ways to house my many beauty products.

That being said, I will be looking to replace the two towers (for reasons that should become obvious) when the bathroom is repainted. 

So firstly is the main bulk of my makeup. 

I decided that I was going to take everything I have out of a bag, due to horror stories that I had read about bacteria. Yuck. 

So I searched online for a while and I found this little draw separator in IKEA. 

It's only 15 pound and its alot bigger than any draws I have haha.

But its got two sections so underneath where you can see the Dream Matte Mousse, you can put that top bit up and there is a hidden bit! 

I find also, that if everything is out in the open, I can realise how much I hoarde 

For example, I have about 8 different eyeliners that I am trying to get through and way too many eye shadow Palettes! 

Now this storage sits on what I have dubbed my Lush Tower. Because originally, I had so many products from the one shop that they required their own Storage. 

Now ever since I moved Last May, I have tried to limit the amount of this I have too. 

(You can see how bad it got in this video here :


So if I take you through the draws: 

The Bath melt and Bath bomb draw..... This is currently rammed and I had to get over flow storage...

Yes I still have the infamous Lush Jar! 

I love having a glass jar to store them in for a few reasons. Firstly, it's watertight ... also the colour of the products its a nice contrast against the site tiles in my room. 

The Second draw is my shampoo and face mask draw. 

The third is the rest of the bath products! There are soon many. 

And finally is the Body Scrubs and Lush skin product draw......

Moving on from the tower....

I like to keep things colourful in the bathroom so I have a little pink bath that was actually part of a valentines present from years ago. 

I leave it to hold shampoo and razors and other grabbables

Moving away from the bath.... 

Now this picture upset me to take.....

I have two lovely towers that I moved with and well..... don't get cats is the moral of the story. 

All eight draws are rammed with mine and Luke's stuff. 

I will be hoping to replace these in the near future to match the Lush Tower.

 Such a sad end to two good pieces of furniture.

And finally, 

I have an old Ikea Vase sitting on the Window sill. 

It features my Makeup Brushes. 

Its a neat and clean way to store them, I used to just bung them in the bag and guess what bacteria is again a fear haha. 

It makes it really easy to grab them first thing in the morning when I am half asleep. 

So thats it for now, I am really enjoying writing beauty posts again! 

Thanks for reading 



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