'ello everybody. 

This past week has seen two reasons to celebrate. 

Firstly, our beloved Fluffballs turned 3 years old yesterday. 

Boots and Diego have been with us since six weeks old and they definitely have us wrapped around their little bean toes. 

I've said it before, but its definitely true to say that they have taught us alot about responsibility. 

They inspired our move last year.... we wanted them to have a garden and not be trapped in a flat all day.

They were treated to Fish and have some Ham for a feast today. As we are yet to have children, we certainly spoiled them a bit !

How cute....

The second reason to celebrate is that Hideaway Gaming (The Youtube Channel) turned a year old on Friday. 

I certainly think that had it not of been created, I would have given up on Youtube by now. 

I have alot more fun creating these videos as gaming is a passion I have had since I was a small child with a Sega Mega Drive. 

It's true to say however that there are more challenges involved with Gaming videos and you have to film for alot longer... but I am glad that I stuck with my gut to make the channel. 

I have included some of my favourite videos from the past year below! 

Fallout 4 :

One of many Pokemon Go videos :

The Witcher 3 

Emily wants to Play 

There are many many other videos, and I fondly remember 90% of them. 

I have also found that the Gaming Youtube community is a very welcoming one, which is lovely.

 Everyone seems to be out to help each other and promote each other. 

I feel as though with the other channel - there are alot of people just out for self promotion... they will follow a channel or a blog just to increase numbers and then unfollow. 

I try to spot these kinds of people and I tend to not follow back. Just out of principle.

 I will always follow fellow bloggers and you tubers.... unless you come off a tad sketchy. 

Its not about the numbers you have... surely it should be about creating cos its something you enjoy. Not just because you want fame and free stuff? 

Imma get off my soapbox now....

If you have watched any of the Gaming videos or Subbed, then thank you! 

We have alot more planned, like actually finishing our playthroughs.... and giving Pokemon Go a rest for a while! 

Thanks for reading and until the next post....





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