LIFESTYLE : Reasons to be Cheerful

Good Evening Everyone! 

So, I originally had a different post to be published today... however its so true that a little change makes a big difference to your head. 

It was my lifestyle favourites post for April, but it had a little of a negative introduction. 

I'll explain a little bit better.....

Basically, I have been feeling overworked and a little bit rubbish about myself and my life.... my job has become a little intense, I was falling behind with the blog and channels and I was being really moody with Luke. 

Now I usually banter with Luke, but I hate being moody with him. 

I had a few tears and I knew that I had to keep going.  I knew that I needed to get through this week. 

I worked out that I hadn't had any time away from work since November, when we went to Malta.... Christmas and Easter time was all travelling so I didn't really relax over those times. I think I was on burnout to be perfectly honest. 

I'm glad to say that I have just completed my last shift till mid May and in a couple of days... We will be on our way to Corfu! 

I didn't want to post anything really negative on here, because this is a positive creative outlet! 

So here is to 16 days off and creating some new memories! 

Roll on some gaming days first though haha. 

I will still be posting until I go and I hope to have put a video up by then! 

Thank you for reading 



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