LIFESTYLE : April Reads Part one

Good Evening everybody, 

So it would appear as though I am burning through books at the moment. 

By the time it came to write a review for the first book below, I had finished the second. 

Not really that surprising because, I had featured these as part of my monthly goals for April. 

So I am still making my way through the Harry Potter series..... 

I have since finished book number five and six! 

Ironically, they are pictured in the wrong order above..... oops! 

So I have to admit, if I were to pick my least favourite films, it would definitely be these two. They feel rushed and under developed. 

I hadn't read the books in a while, and I had kinda forgotten the overall story... I had my memory refreshed by my recent play through of Lego Harry Potter.

So it was time to try and venture back and stick with the books. 

So firstly the Order of the Phoenix and the creation of Dumbledore's Army. 

I had forgot how much I hated Umbridge. 

Like for real, and she is much worse in the books.  Argh. 

I also get rather angry with Dobby's exclusion from the film, because in the books he is working away at Hogwarts and is providing some much needed comic relief. 

I love that you get a sense of Harry's developments with girls and the sense that he is becoming a man. 

However, Harry is becoming alot more sassy and I'm not sure that I like it, if I'm being honest. 

Sirus' death always gets me, especially when HARRY FINDS THE MIRROR at the end. 

 moving on to the Half blood prince. 

Again Sassy Harry is very much in the forefront, but this time as Quidditch captain and this time he has a crush on his Best Friend's sister. 

This book is very much an indicator of how dark Harry's Journey will become.  

There is a very prominent death in the book and I won't write it here in case you haven't read it..... get me mad everytime. 

So happy for any Buckbeak / Wetherwings action we get though! 

I burnt through this book in a couple of days.... SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE DAMN FILM. 

I hate Fenrir Greyback - one of the darkest characters in the series and he needs to stop eating kids. 

I am so excited to start the Deathly Hallows tonight. 

I'm gonna have to binge watch the films when I am done! 

Until the next post 




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