LIFESTYLE : The Easter Weekend So Far!

Hello everyone,

So I am currently in a very chilled out state, ahead of our trip to the coast tomorrow. 

For those of you that are not from the UK, we are currently enjoying a four day Bank Holiday weekend for Easter. 

I've only been gone from work for a short time, but I feel as though I've done quite a bit, with alot more to come. 

On Thursday night, Luke and I went to Nandos, We had a voucher that had been bought for us at Christmas to use up.

We can never take a serious picture....

I will admit that  I was less excited that Luke to go, as I didn't really get on with some of their Veggie Wraps. 

But what I didn't realise is that you can get any of their salads chicken free, so I ordered the most amazing Caesar Salad with some Homous and spicy seeds. 

It was amazing

When we got home, we had a night of reading and Gaming. 

I actually finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which features in only of my monthly goals. 

Diego enjoyed some cuddle time 

The Next day (Good Friday) we adulated and went to get the Food Shop and I was gifted with two beautiful Bouquets for Easter. 

You'll know that I love flower arranging so this was lovely :)

I can't eat easter eggs due to allergies so I got Luke a massive Chocolate cookie for Easter :)

We actually debated whether it was a chick or a Duck. I am very much team Duck.

I then got my bake on and made ALOT of Cupcakes ready for our visit to the Coast

There is something very comforting about baking and decorating cakes. As I won't be giving out eggs, I thought that these would be a nice alternative. 

We Gamed for the rest of the day and I decided that it was time to paint my nails. 

I gave them an Easter Makeover, both shades are by Barry M. 

Today, I will be filming two videos, one for each channel and hopefully they will upload before our trip to the coast tomorrow. 

I'm hoping to be able to film there as its a big day, my Mother is going to be on BBC one, being honoured for her Charity work. 

You can check it out too, Songs of Praise at 5pm - or Iplayer I guess after! 

Speaking of Videos:

I recently uploaded a start to a new play through on the Gaming Channel. 

So 2/4 days down and a new adventure tomorrow! 

I'll try and take more pictures! 

Until then, thanks for reading 




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