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Good afternoon everybody, 

I hope that you are all ok.

I thought that I would take the opportunity to expand on a Tumblr mini post that I wrote yesterday. 

Basically, I have gotten majorly back into one of my childhood obsessions.... Anime. 

When I was little, all I would watch, would be my animated friends. 

I was in love with the world of Sailor moon....

Serena / Usagi is my spirit animal

 I wanted a Pokemon and a Digimon and I wanted to be a Card Captor like Sakura. 

SO pretty. 

I, then moved on to Yu-gi-oh and Dragonball , Z, the movies and sadly GT . 

In fact these two shows are something that Luke and I bonded over from the start. 

We always have planned to watch most of the above from the first episodes  

However, as I got older,  I began to think that I should move on from these as I always thought that Anime was for kids. 

However, Luke showed me a video of some of the mature and slightly more graphic offerings that are out there and I was hooked again. 

I love the way that the characters are drawn, the colours and how deep the story telling can be.  Also the authors seem to know when a story should come to an end and its not dragged out for eight seasons......

So we are currently watching two different stories , firstly.... 

One Punch Man 

I am really enjoying this as I love the dark humour in it and just the simple fact that he can kill anyone with just the one punch. 

One Punch man is bored with life and sometimes I can relate to this on a spiritual level.

I am interested to see where his story goes as I know they are still making them. 

I really want a one punch man phone case for some reason. 

The Second anime is 

Death Note 

I wasn't sure, that I was gonna like this show. But Luke really wanted to watch it and had been asking me for ages. So I gave it go... and I am so glad I did. 

The idea is that a Shinigami called Ryuk has dropped a notebook to Earth, because he is bored. 

He is a god of death and anyone that writes a name in the book, kills them. 

They can pick a method of death, a time and make details very specific. 

The main Character is called Light (Guy on the left with red hair)  and honestly, I hate him.

 I am a third of the way through as there are only 37 episodes and at the moment I would quite happily see him get flattened by a bus. 

He uses the book to almost become a kind of a god himself, he choses who lives and who dies. 

Later on as people catch on to the fact that he is a killer (or Kira), he kills them too. 

My favourite Character is L (he is the guy on the right of the picture with dark circles under the eyes). 

I want him to get to the bottom of the case... he is quite sherlock like. 

A smart, antisocial, tortured detective.... who has some really odd mannerisms... I don't think that he will survive to the end, but I feel as though he should be protected at all costs. 

All I do know is that, I am trying to keep myself awake each night so I can watch the next bit. I haven't felt that way about a show in the longest time. It's really nice. 

So I thought I would write the above as I have been tweeting alot about Deathnote ( please no spoilers ) and its nice to get back into something that I have always loved. 

Let me know if you love any of the above, or if you have any suggestions of ones we should watch/ read. 

Thanks for reading 


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