LIFESTYLE The Easter Weekend Part Two!

Hello everyone, 

So it was back to work yesterday after four blissful days off. 

Although because of everything that we had done..... it felt like alot longer. 

I thought that I would follow up to the previous post that I did and finish with what we did on the last two days...

So on Easter Sunday, we awoke very early and made the three hour journey to the South Coast of England, to the lovely village of Northiam (not far from Hastings) 

Before I went, I uploaded a video to the Hideaway Blogging Youtube Channel - we decided to have some fun on Goat Simulator.... and in turn promote Hideaway Gaming 

I was a little disappointed in myself because I gave it quite a Clickbaity title and I have promised myself that I wouldn't ever resort to that. 

I have since changed it and learnt my lesson. 

Anyway, we got there after three hours in the car and the sun was definitely on our side. 

We went for a walk to the local pub, which happened to be in a different village. We walked 5 kilometres in total, so it was good for the old Pokemon Go 

In visiting my mother I was reunited with my beloved Childhood Kitty Kats, Sid and Lizzie. 

I have had them since I was 13, it was the hardest thing for me to move out and leave them behind. 

 What is sweet is that, if I see them in person or over FaceTime,  they immediately recognise me and greet me and demand cuddles. 

The Whole point of my trip was to watch the live broadcast of BBC's Songs of praise because my Mother was being honoured in it for her charity work. 

Its still on there if you want to see it. 

I have also recorded footage from our little party that we had. 

Luke and I did giggle though at our sleeping arrangements. Poor bloke had to sleep on the floor! 

I joked that it was because we were in a catholic household and obviously we have yet to marry (although we have been together six years, this year) 

The next day I woke up to this view: 

Mum's cottage is buried deep in the countryside: 

We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have like on this visit to the south coast. 

This was mainly due to the fear of the traffic on the way home, we spend just over four hours in the car. 

In the car, Luke and I seem to have rather deep conversations. 

One we had was the need to be serious about saving for our mortgage. We are feeling the pressure more and more to get on the property ladder. 

We came up with the below idea: 

Because internet banking seems to make is very easy to dip into our savings. 

We came up with the idea of the money jar. We are simply going to withdraw money and place it in it every month. 

I think if I see something physical, then I'm less likely to spend it. Its not just numbers on the screen. 

Luke also seems to be excited for this idea. 

Obviously this jar is going to be in a very safe place and I won't be featuring it on here again but it is very much a step in the right direction. 

I took this picture as I placed the first pound in it. 

Kinda symbolic I guess. 

So Easter has come and been and before I know it, I'm gonna be chilling in Corfu! 

Let me know what you got up to! 

Thanks for reading




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