YOUTUBE AND GAMING : Gaming Changes to Hideaway Gaming

Hi guys, 

I thought that I would write a quick post to explain an exciting change to the Gaming YouTube channel and also on here! 

I am really into gaming at the moment, I blazing through my gaming goals quite quickly… (which is good news for my bank balance… I can trade them straight back in and save some moolah)

The other day, I traded in Lego Harry Potter and managed to get enough back to buy a controller stand and to buy the DLC for Lego Marvel Avengers AND buy Everyone's gone to the Rapture. It was a good day.

So I figured that as I have a rhythm going and an actual desire to keep making gaming videos....That I am going to try and up to two lets plays a week. 

I will take two games and film my progression. 

I will stick to the one for the main channel as I still need to do University work and work full time... oh and blog on here.

 Although that being said I will be filming Goat Simulator for the Main channel tomorrow...... erm.... is it taking over my life? Probably...

I can see that the blog has gotten more popular the past couple of months and I couldn't be happier so I am keen to keep posting every couple of days. 

The first two games are :

Everyone's Gone To The Rapture & The Last Guardian. 

Once the Last Guardian is finished I think Luke wants to start Outlast.... when the Rapture is over, I will be going to try and complete The Evil within, once and for all!

I will also be broadcasting live on Twitch... if my internet connection stops being majorly dodge. 

So that it for now. I am excited for the changes and for getting through more games!

I will be posting more reviews on here as I get through them! 

Thanks for reading 



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