BEAUTY : April and May Empties

Hello Everyone, 

It's time for the Monthy Favourites and empties.

However, as I have been on Holiday, for this month only, I have decided to split the post. 

Basically, I have too much to say and I don't want a super long boring post. 

So this month's offerings are : 

Product one - Veet In shower Hair Removal cream for sensitive skin - I was a little worried to try this product again. 

I tried it years ago and ended up with a reaction on my leg. However I did a patch test and it was fine so I decided to use it for holiday. 

I used it the day I went away (after studying the bottle very close) and it was great. My legs have never been smoother. 

It has a light simple scent that lasts for a couple of days, The effect from the actual cream lasted me a week and the hair that grew back wasn't stubble it was light and soft. I will be repurchasing. 

Product two - OGX Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner - I have reviewed these before I love them. Nice and light on my hair with a great scent. What's not to love?!

Product three - Superdrugs' Orange and Satsuma Shower Gel - I love Superdrug's own products as they are cheap and ethical. 

The scent on this shower gel doesn't not disappoint and it only takes a little each time for a complete clean so its great value for money. 

Final product - Maybelines's BB Fresh Cream (Light to Medium skin) . I used this as a replacement for heavy foundation when I was in the sun. 

It did the trick quite nicely. 

However it wears off after two or three hours. But I have noticed that since using it my skin is alot clearer and my pores are less clogged at the end of the day. Its easy to remove and its definitely something that I intend to invest more into. 

So thats it for this month. There are other empties, however I alway filter out the ones that repeat or ones that I think are a little too ordinary. 

Thanks for reading 



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