BEAUTY : Intro to the Beauty Bloggers Brawl '17

Hello Everyone, 

So It's time for an announcement.... Its time for the return of the now Annual Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl. 

I have been with this since the start and this is the fourth (!?!) time that I'll be posting it on the blog. 

The idea is simple, a group of us beauty bloggers have gotten together and will review 10 beauty products over ten constutive days.  It starts on the 2nd of June 

The running order for this year is : 

Day 1: Liquid Lipstick
Day 2: Brow Product

Day 3: Eyeliner - liquid or pencil
Day 4: Makeup Remover
Day 5: Nail Varnish - summer colour
Day 6: Face Mask 
Day 7: Primer 
Day 8: False Eyelashes
Day 9: Hand Cream 
Day 10: Bronzer

I will be linking to other bloggers throughout the ten days, so you can see what they have picked also. 

If you want to see a couple of past posts ... I have linked a couple below.... 

(links to all from last summer) - Day Ten - lip balms

I also featured it in this video also : 

As always thanks for reading



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