BEAUTY : My Holiday Must Haves

Hi Everyone, 

So as I have just returned from Holiday, I thought that I would share some holiday essentials that really saved me in Corfu. 

I should say that the heat was humid and very sunny. It was rather hot on most of the days and the products had to work along side it. 

Product one - Superdrug's tea tree face wipes. I get really funny about makeup removal abroad. I have a whole manner of liquid based products that I use at home. However when it comes to going on holiday, I want a staple in my case that will do the  job and treat my skin.

 I picked these up for a pound and I wasn't disappointed. You can really feel the face wipe toning and cleansing the skin. The smell is fairly strong and if you don't like it, thats the only real down side. 

Product two - Superdrug's Mojito Fizz Bath and Shower gel. I thought that this would be a safe purchase as you never know if you are getting a bath or a shower abroad. I love the lime smell of this product, its so refreshing.

 I also love that a little goes along way... it lasted the whole holiday and more (I was having two showers a day). I'm hoping that this isn't a limited edition as its become an instant favourite of mine. 

Product three - Zoellas Lets Spritz Body Mist - I wanted a light spray to take with me as I hate the heavy perfume feeling when you are abroad so I took my handbag staple. I loved that I could use this at day and at night and it complimented each situation. 

Product four - OGX Coconut Shampoo - I always have major concerns about my hair when I go abroad. It tends to have a life of its own and it can go quite static. I wanted to take this with me as it smells great and it doesn't make my hair feel greasy if I use it everyday. The smell is incredible too! I'm pretty sure that its helped my hair to go lighter also.

So thats it for this post and as always, 

Thanks for Reading 



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Leigh Brady said…
Love tea tree makeup wipes and products they're always so good for your skin! And the Zoella body mist smells so good! x


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