GAMING : The Last Guardian Review

Hello Everybody, 

Time for a Little Game Review. 

So today, I will be reviewing one of my now favourite games... The Last Guardian. 

I was so hyped for this game prior to its release and it certainly was a long time coming. 

Luke bought it for me as a Christmas present and I couldn't wait to play with it so I opened it early. Sorry Luke. 

The first thing that hit me is how beautiful the game is and how amazing the graphics are. 

If you read my gaming posts on here, then you know that this its the one thing that I alway finds draws me in...

I equate the feeling as the same as being put in a movie. 

I should probably dsisclaim that I am a massive animal person and this game really drew upon that. 

So the Premise of the game is simple, you (the boy) have woken up next to this massive Hybrid beast Trico. 

You have to work together, overcome your differences and escape together. 

You soon find out how you got to be together and how your fates are intertwined.  

I love that as you look after Trico and feed him, you can visibly see him getting stronger and I felt a real bond with him as he is so life like. 

When he protects you from bad guys and gets injured, I genuinely felt anger. 

The story is beautiful, there are little words uttered. 

The story is simple and has simple themes, Respect, friendship and Loyality.... even till the end. 

The End made me weep, its rare that anything makes me weep. 

I filmed the game as part of a series and the ending features in the below video... so Spoilers. 

A few negatives are the camera.... its just awkward.... and really unhelpful at times. The controls are quite rigid and if you don't line things up perfectly, you will plummit to your death. 

And finally, Trico is very life like, but due to this.. he is very stubborn and often does his own thing... you'll find yourself trapped for ages telling Trico what to do. 

But the game is beautiful and I happily overlook these things. 

Luke asked me if I wanted to trade it in. I told him that I am keeping the Boy's and Trico's adventure forever. 

I really want a little Trico for my gaming shelf. I'm not ready for it to be over yet (to be honest I need to 100 percent the game) 

I recommend it to anyone.... Just watch out for that ending

Thanks for reading 



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