GAMING : May Favourites

Hello Everyone,

I thought that I would share my Favourite Game with you for May. 

So its actually a retro one (well eight years old game) , that I enjoyed playing as a teen - it is Pokemon Heartgold. 

I feel as though having this as a monthly goal game has helped me to fall back in love with it.

So in order to place it within the Pokemon timeline - This is generation 2 - so Johto. 

This game is a remake / remaster of Pokemon Gold , a game that to me is unique to the others. It first introduced Night and Day Pokemon, bug catching contest and the ability to get 16 badges in total (from both Kanto and Johto). 

The remaster that I am playing does not disappoint... it became the only game in which you can have a Pokemon of your choice follow you - obviously in Yellow you can have Pikachu but no others. 

I also liked the introduction of the Pokegear and the ability to rematch with people calling you. 

I remember that when I wanted to repurchase this game ( a friend lost my original copy) I had to look everywhere for it. The lowest price you can get it for is 35 pounds. - I take that as people don't want to part with it....

It's well worth a purchase and hopefully you won't be disappointed! 

Let me know if you love this game as much as I do!

Thanks for Reading



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