Hi guys, 

Its time to review how I did with the Goals from Last month...

They were as follows;

1) To Finish the Last Guardian Story - Rollover from Jan. 

This was the last one that I finished.... in fact I finished it tonight. 

I wept. 

I have never cried like that over a video game before (Yes I am counting last of us in this). 

I don't want to ruin the ending... if you wanna know what happens I've filmed it in the goal video that will be going up tomorrow.....

Amazing game, amazing graphics, amazing story. 

The controls and camera angles are annoying though.... but its defo up there as one of my all time favourites. 

2)  To clear the Garden 

All completed - in fact Luke took charge in this one and the area is now ready for plants and maybe a nice seat.... 

3)  To finish the Harry Potter Book Series - Rollover from March 

Completed! I burned through four books in four weeks and I loved every minute of it. It's very easy to be sucked in by these books to be honest.  You can check out my reviews in the blog. 

4)  To 100% / Get platinum on Lego Avengers 

Done! It took alot of concentration as I also did the DLC. I have to say that the Manhatten Hub was a tad OTT when it came to finding all the gold bricks. 

5)  I need to get back into my Uni work 

I have set up an office space, written a Study plan and am cracking on with my reading lists... so far, so good 


6)  I want to get to the end of the main story on Horizon Zero Dawn . 

All done! 

Another good game, that clearly has a heart at the centre of it. 

I was impressed and there is still alot to go back and do.... but I would recommend it. 

There were a few things that frustrated me though.... you can roll up mountains but you if you don't grip a walk in a precise way you will fall to your death. 

The hair is out of control and outfits change in cut scenes....

Aside from that, its all good! 

So thats it for April, the two videos will go up in due course! 

Thanks for Reading 



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