LIFESTYLE : April and May Favourites

Hello Everybody! 

It is time for me to share my Lifestyle Favourites for this month and last.

I get really excited about this one, as I get to share things that I love ... However I do get nervous as I am opening myself up a little haha. 

So I will start with my favourite Film : 

So Luke and I haven't really been to the cinema in a while... despite having Cineworld cards.

 But Luke asked me to watch a film with him the other day that we have on DVD (but I had yet to see)... its one of his favourites so I think he was nervous for me to see it.... 

It was Will Smith's Pursuit of Happyness (yes you read that spelling right (It's a joke in the book / film that the daycare featured in it has spelt happiness wrong))

I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest, but I loved it.  Its a true story of a guy that risked everything to try and get an internship / job to better his family's life. 

Its a rollercoaster, he loses his wife, his income (the internship is unpaid), his house and almost his son. Its the kind of film that makes you laugh, cry and shout at the screen. 

Its the kind of film that makes you evaluate your own life and for me, how lucky Luke and I are with our stable jobs. 

Its a film that I would say that you all need to watch just once.

There is a scene that breaks my heart - despite the fact that Will Smith's character is almost out of money, he lends his boss five dollars out of about seven (all the money he has in the world) to get a taxi. 

Below is the main message of the film that I think everyone needs to hear : 

Moving on to my favourite TV show.....

So, if you know me or have read the blog before , then you will know that I LOVE cookery shows.

At the moment I am mourning the loss of Hells Kitchen and Masterchef UK..... But lucky for me, there is a show that more than fills the void.... although that too is coming to an end..... 

That Hero is Bake Off : Creme De La Creme.

I am obsessed with the main Show Great British Bake Off.... we even have a bake off club at work so I sat hopeful when I turned the first show on.

 Oh my god, its brutal.

 The idea is that this spin off show is for team of Professional pasty chefs to do similar challenges but for two of the World's best pasty chefs. 

And they are very harsh in their judging.... I LOVE IT. They get rulers and scales out and everything.

I binge watched most of the series on Saturday  -  I have included a trailer below : 

Finally, we have my Favourite Music 

Every holiday or Trip I go on, I always seem to have a memory of a song attached to it. 

For my recent trip to Corfu, this was a slightly odd one. 

In the hotel room there was a 24/7 Kodi Channel for Disney films. 

During nap times and Late night, we ended up watching loads of films. 

The one set of films that stuck with me (and particular the soundtrack) is the Lion King 1 -3. 

In fact, this week in which I came back to work, I have had the soundtracks on blast in the car on the way and on the way back and during lunch. 

My favourite song is actually from the second film. 

Its called We Are One. 

It reminds me of the importance of family (past and present) and also it kind of reminds me that problems aren't as big as I make them. 

Not gonna lie, when I listened to it for the first time in a while in Corfu, it bought tears to my eyes.

A close second is He lives in you. 

Its an epic song and again, it reminds me of Family past and present. 

I lost someone very close to me, when I was young and sometimes I need to hear a song like this to make everything ok again. 

I didn't really deal with the death for years after, I think I was too young to understand and odd things set me off. 

Ok, who is cutting onions as I write this? 

I'm gonna move on as erm there are tears 

Don't get me wrong I love the soundtrack of the first film.... so an honourable mention is my favourite song.... 

Can you feel the love tonight is SUCH a classic, but I love it more for Timon and Pumba than the romantic theme of the song 


Here a song from the third. 

This has been stuck in my head for a solid two weeks.

 Remember Border Clay is a meerkat's friend 

Diggah Tunnel! 

Part of me cannot wait to have a child so that they can enjoy these films with me... 

So thats it for the last two months. 

Thanks as always for reading, that got alot deeper that I expected 



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