LIFESTYLE : Goodwood Racing!

Hello everyone, 

I hope that you are having a good Bank Holiday weekend. 

On Saturday, I got to go on a work trip and do something that was a little bit different and a little outside of my comfort zone. 

Through my job, I got the chance to go to the Goodwood racecourse in Chichester on the south coast of England. 

It was s chance to meet people and a chance for Luke and I to do something that we have never done before as a couple. 

Before I went I made 40 cakes... 20 devil food cake cupcakes and 20 vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing.  Cakes are a great way to break the ice and also I seem to be developing a little reputation as a baker. 

(The below picture for some reason attracted 185 likes on Instagram.... no idea why though...) 

When we got there the weather was grey and cold, but by the time we left it was glorious sunshine. I wore a lovely blue lacy dress (as I wasn't sure of the dress code...) and I just wish that I had taken tights with me. 

There were seven races in total, we bet four pound on each one. 

There was only two races in which I didn't win anything. 

On one race I won 47 pounds back :). We went with 40 and came back with 70 pounds, so we were happy with that. 

I tried to get action shots on my iPhone, the one above is the best one. 

We got to stand right next to the track and cheer the horses on .

And see the horses before and after the race in the paddock type area. 

All in all, it was a good day... it was long for us though as I did five and a half hours driving but we made it in one piece :)

I have to say, in meeting a bunch of new people, it was something that was tipping my anxiety off... 

I could feel it in my chest as the sat nav said that we were getting closer and closer. 

But I managed to beat it, there was one spot in particular that I considered turning the car around and I am so glad that I didn't. 

We put our 70 pounds into our mortgage jar so all the winnings will be going to the best cause. 

Luke and I will definitely go racing again, but we don't want to gamble too often.

Thanks for reading 




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