LIFESTYLE : May book reviews Part one

Hi everyone,

It's time to share what I have been reading. 

So I recently went on holiday and the book that I am about to talk about - I finished before I had even gotten off the three hour plane journey! 

I wanted to read something that was semi informative and as I was going to the Greek Island of Corfu... I thought that I would pick up this bad boy from Philip Matyszak - The Greek and Roman Myths - A Guide to the Classical Stories. 

I picked it up for eight pounds from Waterstones. 

The book itself is great, it has timelines and family trees to simplify the connections that the Gods all have to each other. 

Not only that it also shares the counterparts in both Roman and Greek Mythology so that you can see how both cultures were influenced. 

My only criticism is that I wish that it went more in-depth.... it scooted around of stories and I would have like to know more. 

I guess thats the geek in me coming out.... I loved that it mentioned the origins of alot of common modern day words. 

I felt like I really learnt something new! 

So i'll keep on reading and share some more book reviews in due course! 

Thanks for Reading 



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Unknown said…
How many pages is the book? The reason the author didn't go into details was to keep the book short and to the point.

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