Hello Everyone, 

So another month has been and passed, so its time to set some more goals for the coming one. 

I will be posting a little update and goals video for April in due course :) 

Before we get into it too much, I would just like to say that there is a new Video, that has just gone live on the Main channel: 

A little video about the meal prep ideas and pictures that so many have commented on and liked... I thought it was about time to actually feature it... 

So onto the Goals: 

1) I want to 100% Lego Jurassic World. 

Another month, another Lego game.... I have so many and I'm still working on that gamer score....Plus I get to be many Dinosaurs so.... win win. 

2)  I want to partake in Tough Mudder, in Mid May. 

We are 100 % doing it and are all booked, but I thought that I would put it in the goals as its a massive achievement.

3) I want to (well I don't really) finally complete the story of the Evil Within 

....and hopefully film it..... I hate this game though..... So Scary. 

4) I want to get 16 badges on Pokemon Heart Gold.

This is a carry over from earlier in the year, and as imma be travelling it seemed like the perfect month to do so 

5) Finally, and most importantly! 

I want/ need to stick to my University Study plan and complete a chapter of my final work! You'll see my study plan in an upcoming post & Video.... it will all make sense I promise.

So time to get working on them! 

Thanks for reading 




Jenna H. said…
I think it is so important to set goals for yourself each month! :) Great post!
-Jenna <3
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