LIFESTYLE : Mental Health Awareness Week

Hello Everyone, 

Time for a fairly serious and personal post. 

As you probably know by now that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week - something that is very close to my heart. 

I've said on here that I go through bad spots with my Depression and Anxiety and I have spoken about my past with these many times.

In fact I even recorded a video about it : 

But in this post I thought that I would write about the current and future rather than always looking in the past. 

I find that having mental health issues is something that can flare up at any time, sometimes there is no trigger. 

As an invisible illness, it is hard to show that you are suffering, even though sometimes it feels as though the world is coming to an end. 

But there are ways of coping. The main one, which everyone is so right in saying, is by talking to someone. I find that when I talk to my partner, the load seems so much lighter and the problem seems so much smaller. 

Having time away recently, made me see how small certain problems really are.

 There are two main ways that I have decided to make a change, through discussion with Luke.... 

The first is to do with this blog. I have decided that for the foreseeable future, that I am going to pre write posts and let them go live by themselves (pre selected times). By doing this, I free up my weekday evenings, I have longer to think about topics and I can go and experience life. Hopefully this will lead to better content as I will have more to talk about..... that and I can can put some solid hours into my university work. 

The Second, sounds so small but I have taken the sub counter off of both of the channels. I get a decent amount of views, but I find that my sub count can fluctuate alot... people follow just to get a follow and it dents my confidence.

 So I won't see the figure for a while unless I go looking for it. I love making videos and I love writing posts but I get so down on myself that I don't want to do it anymore. 

I then kick myself because I'm not doing anything. It's a dangerous cycle. 

I have to say that in creating a blog and two channels, I think I stumbled onto something that's really helped me to cope with my headspace.

 I have something creative to sink my nervous energy into. It's nice to have a space that is just mine, however it wasn't an easy decision because, you are putting yourself out there for everyone to see.... 

So my second tip (sorry for rambling) is to find something you love - a hobby- and have that as on outlet. 

My final tip that works for me - take some time out. Its funny how some time can help your view of a situation. I read a quote that said - my life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. 

It's so true. 

I have found that in not taking time off since 2016 really effed with my head.  So I have realised that I need to take the odd day here and there - just to game maybe.....

I know that its hard, when you suffer to open up. But please if you can talk to someone. No one can prepare you for life - its long and complicated and it can feel as though you are drowning sometimes.

But it does get better. There is light on the other side. 

There are people out there that can listen - The Samaritans for example and I'll leave with one thought.... 

A lot of people experience mental health issues in there lives... but as an invisible illness.... you can't see it, by talking to someone, they may understand more than you know!

Thanks for reading 



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