LIFESTYLE : A Tidy Home Equals.....

Hi guys, 

So I spent the majority of my bank holiday weekend doing something that I thought that I would never do. 

I have completely decluttered every room and have had a Spring Clear out. 

 What I actually wanted to do was to write a load of blog posts, film some videos and do some University work. But you know what they say, a tidy working environment is a god send and very important. 

I blame the type of Youtube videos that I have been watching.

 I am very much into two Youtubers when it comes to home design. 

Kate La Vie and Marzia... they both have a very clean and minimal style and it is something that I have been trying to do too. I will link two of my favourites below : 

Kate La Vie 

Marzia (skip to about eight mins in)

My problem is that I have a relatively small fat with little storage, but I did manage to get rid of alot of junk that was everywhere. 

Their is alot of decorating ahead of us, but I think the real challenge will be keeping this place in this condition when we come back from work and can't be asked to do anything....

If you read the blog often, then you'll know that one of my goals for June is to tackle the Bathroom.  

I plan to share some pictures when I am 100 percent happy with the place. 

However if you want to have a snoop at my flat... its in the video below.... 

Thanks for reading!




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