The Blog is now Two!

Hello Everybody.

I'm back from Corfu!

I was more than ready to come back, it was a lovely week... I have just been out for a walk around Northampton Town Centre and the Rain more than welcomed me back to England..... 

I am enjoying the fact that I still have a couple of days left before I go to work because it means that I can just go for a five mile stroll with no worries. 

I plan to write a little more about about Corfu and what its taught me, but I have to say that I have come back with a change in attitude (but for the better) and I have found that I have more determination also for the Channels and the Blog. 

I have also decided that I am not going to let myself get sucked into my job as much as I have and this is something that has affected my mental health. 

As this is mental health week, it has led me to review my own life a fair bit more.

 I also will write a post on this as I think that it is something that we need to keep the focus on as its not a battle that can be won overnight. 

I also have uploaded a new Gaming Goal Video to the Gaming channel - you can find it below - A little warning though is that the video contains Spoilers for both The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn : 

I feel that I have gone off on a tangent slightly.... I missed the blog alot when I was away, I missed having somewhere to ramble and to document my thoughts. 

Anyway back to the main point of the post - When I was away.... on the 9th May, this little Blog turned two years old.  

I raised a glass and I reflect on the last 390 posts and the journey that I have been on since I first pressed publish.... 

To celebrate today, I have once again updated the layouts for both channels and the blog. 

 I have also changed a couple of the profile pictures... as I was beginning to hate the really posey one that I had up. 

I have also reduced and combined the playlists on Youtube as I felt that there was way too many, I have a thing about clearing out every now and again. 

I have also removed some of the gadgets on here as I want everything to be simple and about the blog posts. 

However , the main thing that I wanted to say was thank you for everyone that has taken the time to read the blog. 

I can see that the views are sitting on a great number, even when I wasn't posting there was 100s of hits a day.

 I'm not one to brag about anything but this is mind-blowing to me.... So thank you. 

I have alot of exciting posts coming and a few videos in the pipeline...... So I hope that I can keep the work up. 

Here is to the next two years! 

As always, thanks for reading 



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