TRAVEL : My Trip to Corfu

Hello Everyone,

As you may already know, I recently took a trip to the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu.

I went with my Boyfriend Luke for seven sunny days.

It was the first time in months that we spent alot of time together due to conflicting work shifts and what not (we do live together but it can feel as though we never see each other).

So we arrived in Corfu at Midnight on the Wednesday - arriving in the dark, all we could really feel was the humid heat. We were in for a treat on the following morning, we knew that the room had a sea view... but nothing prepared us for how beautiful the view was.

We loved the Hotel that we stayed in - Aeolos Beach, however it was a little secluded.

 I thought that we would be exploring everyday, however due to distance this wasn't possible. 

I kinda had to adjust myself to relaxing and trying to switch my brain off, which for me is harder than it sounds. B

etween blogging, editing, University work and Full time work, my brain has little time to think. 

We managed to find things to do around the hotel. We started the Corfian games - check the upcoming blog for this. 

However having seven days to reflect ended up helping me more than I realised that it would.  I started to be at peace with myself and I put a plan in place for when I came home. 

It wasted for Luke and I to bond... there was so much going on that we hadn't discussed yet. 

Big news, we have decided to get a dog... although it won't be before the end of the year.... we think. 

And as everyone was asking about the food... it's true being a Vegetarian with a dairy Allergy.... all inclusive is a little difficult.....

The only staples were chips and pasta 

But I found that the hotel had some lovely salads, which for me is perfect and I only had chips once! 

One Night, Luke and I went to the sea to have an eleven course meal.... 

On the last day.... Luke and I went to an adventure to Corfu Town and learnt alot about the island.

I;m not a massive picture taker so I took one a day and took loads of videos. 

The main video will be up next week! 

It was a lovely holiday that taught me that I need to chill out, take time out more. 

Work smarter not harder, 

We have already booked the next one for later in the year.........

Thanks for reading 



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