YOUTUBE : A Little Catch up

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would write a little post with the latest uploads to the two Youtube channels. 

I think that with me now prewriting posts, I don't really have the same opportunities to sneak them in anymore. 

That might be a good thing, I dunno.... I have noticed that I tend not to veer off subject as much as I used to. Except now. 

Anyway I recently published this video to the main channel... 

It is the footage from my April Lifestyle and Gaming Goals. 

On the gaming Channel - I have the first part of the Corfu Footage.

 We played Pokemon Go and you can see some of the scenery 

I have also put this version of the April goals up - it only focuses on the gaming ones though. 

There is extended footage of  game play from Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian 

** EDIT** - 

Two more videos have also gone live since I wrote this post:

There is also the footage from Corfu : 

And a silly Mario Kart Video that Luke and I recorded together! 

So thats it for now! 

For those watching my videos and are subscribing I love you. 

If you have subscribed drop me your channel link and I will follow back... I'm looking for new people to watch 

Thanks as always for reading 


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