BEAUTY : Bloggers Brawl, Day Four : Makeup Remover

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Day one of the Beauty Brawl! 

Today we are reviewing Makeup Removers. 

So here is how I scored it: 

I have chosen SuperDrug's own Tea tree Oil remover wipes. 

I picked these up prior to going to Corfu at the start of May, as I wanted to limit the amount of skin care products that I took. 

I did a little cheeky review of this before... but to sum up, I love how cheap they are for the effect they give. 

I can feel my pores opening and being cleaned and they never fail to remove everything on my face. 

The only thing that I have marked them down for is the packaging.  

Its a plastic package and the top is a recloseable lid, that the stick wears off after the first couple of uses. 

OH and the smell? Amazing. 

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