BEAUTY : Bloggers Brawl, Day Nine : Hand Cream

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Day one of the Beauty Brawl! 

Today we are reviewing Hand Cream. 

I have gone for Marks and Spencer's Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Hand and Nail Cream.

So here is how I scored it: 

I was given this product as a gift and I have to say that I am completely in love with it! 

Just the smell alone is enough to make me want to stockpile it for the rest of my life.  It smells so sweet and as if I have smothered myself with the contents of a honey pot. 

The product itself is on the heavier side... so it takes a while to rub in, but the effects of it are long lasting. 

I am going to the gym alot at the moment and lifting weights... this leads to my hands being a little dry and rough and this product brings them back each time. 

I honestly, can't recommend it alot and the best part is that the product is animal friendly! 

Buy it and love it as I do! 

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