BEAUTY : Bloggers Brawl, Day Ten : Bronzer

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Day Ten of the Beauty Brawl! 

Today we are reviewing Bronzer. 

I have decided to review Collection's Bronze Glow Ultimate in Sunkissed (No 1) 

So here is how I scored it: 

I love wearing Bronzer but I only tend to wear it in Late Spring and through the Summer as thats the only real time that the UK seems to have decent enough weather. 

Therefore, I was very happy to see that Bronzer was on the list for this summers Brawl. 

So as you can tell, this is a powdered bronzer and i often put this in with my everyday look for the office. 

As I have gone for the lighter shade, I find that it blends in well with my blusher, foundation and powder without it taking centre stage. 

lI would highly recommend it, it has lasting power and as you can tell from the picture, I have gotten on very well with it!  

This particular shade works very well with my normal skin tone and also with the tan that I have had since returning to Corfu :)

I will definitely be repurchasing. 

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